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Forest Path

Laberinto del Pacifico is a sustainable project in the cloud forest of San Jose del Pacifico in the southern mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico.

A picturesque place where you can escape from the city to enjoy the serenity of the forest, fresh mountain air, breathtaking views, temazcal (traditional Mexican sauna in clay hut), hiking and mountain biking trails.


We are part of a small Zapotec community called 'La Concepcíon', where the inhabitants have been living without electricity for many generations.  The people of our community live off the land with limited economic means. Our aim as new members of the community is to support the community as much as possible, this includes not only doing the minimum community service expected from each family, but also creating work and driving projects that can contribute to the development and growth of La Concepcíon in a sustainable way.

Electricity has just arrived in the community, which means that we'll be relying less on solar energy, however living in and/or visiting the mountains still means adopting an ecological lifestyle, which includes minimising waste to zero. 

At Laberinto del Pacifico we practice permaculture, we have a composting system, we recycle plastics, glass and aluminum, we captivate and recycle water, we use only biodegradable soaps, shampoos and detergents, we reforest every rainy season and we're cultivating organic seasonal fruit, vegetables and herbs all year round.

The water used on the ranch comes directly from a fresh water spring in the mountain.

We work hard to maintain a low toxin environment.

We invite you to experience mountain life with us in harmony with nature.

Some food from our garden

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